Reopening Plan

Following NYC and state rules, we have put in place several measurements to ensure a safe environment for clients and staff

What you can expect from us:

1. All our staff will be required to wear a face mask, face shield and an apron at all times.

2. We will be fully trained regarding proper disinfection and sanitation protocol.

3. Each client will be provided with a clean, non used cape during the service.

4. Our work stations are now set up 6 feet apart. At check-out register, a plastic shield wall will be placed.

5. We will work only by appointments. Walk-in clients who are not able to be immediately served will be provided a time to return. There will be no waiting inside the shop.

6. All complimentary magazines and beverages will be put on pause.

7. Beard trims will be suspended.

8. Hands sanitizer will be placed through the barber shop for use by staff and clients.

9. We will wash our hands for 20 seconds before and after each contact.

10. We will disinfect work stations and tools between each client.

11. All staff will be tested for Covid-19 before reopening and every 2 weeks after that. Staff temperature checks will be run everyday.

What is expected from clients:

1. Clients will only be permitted entry if they wear a mask, provided that they are over age two and medically able to tolerate one.

2. Clients will not be permitted to bring family members or friends to their appointments.

3. Please arrive on time for your appointment and kindly wait outside until the barber is ready to begin your service. The barber will bring you inside for your appointment.

4. Please remember that we have a relaxed, easy, and no fee cancellation policy. Please stay home if you feel sick.